*Please note HIGH ALTITUDE training access is only available for current MEMBERS.

What is Altitude Training?

Altitude training is a practise used by professional athletes and elite sports people around the world.
Get fitter stronger and leaner FAST, whilst improving your endurance, focus and coordination, with a wide range of other potential benefits such as;

• Increased aerobic endurance
• Increased anaerobic fitness and lactic acid tolerance.
• Increased hypertrophy (lean body mass) and strength
• Increased overall energy levels and quick recovery rate
• Improved dexterity, coordination and decision making.
• Increased ability to perform under stress and when fatigued.


Exposure to high altitude improves participants capacity to exercise.

This means your body after a couple of sessions gets use to lower level of oxygen available in the Altitude room.


This improves the delivery of oxygen to the muscles resulting with lesser fatigue in muscles allowing for better and greater performance.


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