This challenge is a

kick start After EASTER Break

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This Booty Challenge is all about that BASS, that BASS in a variety of classes offered on our timetable. The BEAT team aims to help you push yourself to your new personal best!

Registered clients will be competing against their own personal progress in classes while the BEAT instructors review the following.

• Commitment to success during classes
• Peer support in and out of classes

• Motivation during classes

Get ready for your hardest booty challenge!


Great prizes to be revealed during the weeks to come on our social pages, so make sure you follow us.

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How do i register?

Register online and make payment at reception during the staffed hours.

When does registration close?

9th May

When are the Booty Challenge classes
Monday 7:00pm
Monday 7:30pm

Tuesday 7:00pm

Tuesday 7:30pm

Wednesday 7:00pm

Wednesday 7:30pm

Thursday 7:00pm
Thursday 7:30pm

*Each class will have elements of booty exercises with Thursday 7pm & 7:30pm focusing primary on the BASS!

Am I require to attend every class?

No, but the more you're seen, the more chances of winning some of our great prizes!

What do i receive?
• 1 Booty Challenge T-shirt
• Gym members receive Reformer Pilates membership for 30days

• 30 days Gift Card
*Unlimited access gift card to share with a
friend during the month of JUNE

• 20% discount on all Beat Fitness merchandise during the challenge

• A reason to kick start after EASTER!

• 1 ticket to our reveal party with food and drinks provided

Do I have to be a member to join?

No, if you have a friend or family member who is

interested, this is the perfect time to trial BEAT classes with unlimited access including Reformer Pilates.

What are the fees?

Members $20.00

Guest $40.00

What extras are included for a guest client?

•30 days unlimited access to:

All group classes

Reformer Pilates

Altitude Training

Gym access

•50% discount on a 24.7 access key

*24.7 access to the gym facilities requires an access key

Gym and Altitude access will only be available during the reception hours

which can be found on the website. Booking sessions are essential via the mindbody app.


Booty Tee.jpg

Challenge participants will be receive a complementary T-shirts to wear during sessions to standout in all classes for your instructors to help motivate and encourage you to continue staying STRONG!


Join us Saturday night 8th of June for a shindig of nibbles and drinks at BEAT where we reveal the winners and raffle off prizes with BINGO and so much more.